I’m a Multimedia & Investigative Journalist focused on Migration(s) and the Middle East. I have previous experience in OSINT (including writing, voiceover/podcasting and video recording and editing) and fluency to work in Spanish, English and French. I also have basic proficiency in German and Arabic (MSA).

In the past I worked as an Investigative Journalist at Fundación Maldita.es (signatory to the IFCN). I have also been featured in “The Local France” as a freelancer, while covering the 2022 French elections. I have published chronicles/articles for several non-governmental organizations, and also posted letters to the editor in “El País.”

Currently I’m enrolled in the Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs (Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Middle East) at Sciences Po Paris. Previously I have published my Bachelor Thesis “Press, Don’t Shoot! The Shaping of the War Correspondent through Cinema.