• The Last ATM: Spain’s aging population is struggling with the digitalization of the financial system—and the far right is seizing the moment | The Dial | Read in English | March 2024

Collaborative investigations:

  • From Azerbaijan to smartphones: How tainted gold ends up in high-tech products | The Baku Connection Project, Forbidden Stories; reporter | Read in English, French, Azerbaijani | February 2024
  • The plunder of the San José de Uré river: Rafael Moreno’s final investigation | The Rafel Project, Forbidden Stories; reporter | Read in English, Spanish, French | October 2023
  • Dry to the Bone: Toiling in extreme heat, migrant workers in Southern Europe face dehydration and exploitation | Freelance investigation with the support of IJ4EU; reporter, writer  Read in English, Spanish and Italian | June/July 2023
  • The front companies robbing the State of Mexico | Forbidden Stories; reporter | Read in English, Spanish, French | May 2023
  • Scorching Sun, Deadly Work: A Look Into Spain’s Construction Industry | Heat Trap Project; editor, writer, reporter | Read in English, Spanish (Climática) and listen to the story in English | June 2023
  • The cross-border conspiracy theory on “chromatic change”: misleading comparisons of weather maps |; reporter, writer | Read in English, Spanish | July 2022
  • Desinformaciones, datos y contexto sobre el cereal ruso y ucraniano, y su influencia en la seguridad alimentaria (Misinformation, data and context on Russian and Ukrainian grain and its influence on food security) |; reporter, writer | Read in Spanish | July 2022
  • ¿Qué sabemos sobre el contenido que afirma que en Estocolmo (Suecia) se impone la ‘sharía’? (Debunking narratives around Islam and Sharia in Stockholm, Sweden) |; reporter, writer | Read in Spanish | July, 2022
  • ‘It will divide the country’ – French Muslims’ fears over a Le Pen presidency | The Local France; reporter, writer | Read in English | April 2022
Letters to the editor in El País:
  • En busca de un mundo mejor | Read in Spanish | April 2023
  • Medida insuficiente | Read in Spanish | January 2023
  • Encontrar trabajo, imposible para los jóvenes | Read in Spanish | April 2022
  • Hasta siempre: Carlos Ruiz Zafón | Read in Spanish | June 2020
  • Coronavirus: puntos de inflexión | Read in Spanish | March 2020
  • Teresa Romero | Read in Spanish | March 2016
  • Freelance translation for RSF at the ‘Prix Bayeux-Calvados Normandie’ for War Correspondents (Spanish-French) | Watch full video in French and English | October 2021

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